Pipe Cleaning

Efficient, Cost-Effective Pipe Cleaning Services

Pipe cleaning services are undertaken to improve pipe carrying capacity, help prevent sanitary sewer overflows and remove debris so inspection tools can do their job. Cleaning is necessary prior to pipe repair or lining projects.

High-Performance Pipe Cleaning Solutions

National Underground Group provides pipe cleaning solutions for pipes of any diameter utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to machines that emit high-pressure water to scour the sanitary and storm sewers and then powerfully vacuum the debris, we employ a variety of nozzles and cutters to meet our clients’ specific needs.

National Underground Group owns and manages a truck fleet with the latest Hydro-Vac system technology, capable of operating around the clock. Our 24/7 on-call dispatch service allows us to respond in the event of a system emergency.

Experienced, professional cleaning crews assess the pipe upon arrival and, based on quantity of debris and the condition of the pipe, they determine the best process and equipment for the job. Our cleaning crews specialize in providing pipe cleaning services that exceed client expectations, while minimizing disruptions to traffic and the environment.

We offer pipe jetting services as well as mechanical cleaning methods.

Hydro Jetting — Also known as power or pipe jetting, hydro jetting involves blasting water through the sewer line to remove the clogs, buildup and scale that have accumulated over time. High-pressure streams of water force the debris from the pipe’s interior.

Mechanical — A special device is pushed or pulled through the pipe to scrape built-up deposits from the interior walls. Even the hardest deposits are removed as the pipe is cleaned down to the bare metal. Water pressure and pipe flow are not required for this process.

Pipe Cleaning Technology

Pro-Pipe utilizes Hvidtved Larsen 315 RECyclers to execute large-diameter pipe cleaning during live flow as well as volume-production cleaning on small-diameter pipes. The Larsen ensures a safe operating environment and provides numerous benefits:

  • Drinking water is not used to clean sewers.
  • Bypass is not required for large-diameter cleaning.
  • Remote truck operation is permitted.
  • Single, flexible-tube vacuum hose eliminates the need to make rigid tubular connections over an open maintenance hole.
  • Filling from hydrants several times a day, in traffic, is not necessary.
  • One initial vacuum of wastewater in a flowing pipe enables jetting operations for the entire day.
  • Speed is doubled vs. that of traditional hydro-vacuum combination cleaning trucks.

Conventional Pipe Cleaning

We use Vactor 2100 series hydro-vacuum combination cleaning trucks to perform conventional cleaning of pipes with diameters ranging from 6” – 120”. These vehicles feature:

  • 1,600-gallon water tank
  • 15-cubic yard debris tank
  • 3-stage vacuum fan
  • Telescopic boom
  • 8-foot extendable boom
  • 80 gpm at 2,500 psi
  • No v-belts or belt drives to maintain or adjust
  • Blower silencer
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