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A member of the National Underground Group’s family of service lines, Tri-State Utilities is a leading provider of cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation services for subsurface infrastructure. Services include turnkey solutions that utilize industry-leading trenchless pipe lining technologies, including the cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining method, on sanitary sewers and storm drains. In addition, Tri-State Utilities offers pipe cleaning, closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection, smoke and dye testing, Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) services, grouting and segmental trenchless spot repairs.

Municipalities, engineering firms and contractors choose Tri-State Utilities for its depth of expertise, intimate knowledge of local conditions, faster emergency response time, quality assurance and cost-efficiency. Customers also benefit from the company’s ability to design custom solutions and handle diverse projects in-house.

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Trenchless Rehabilitation Services

Tri-State Utilities provides affordable, long-term solutions to aging sanitary sewers, storm sewers and culverts, water and industrial pipelines.

  • Full pipe rehabilitation
    • Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) state-of-the-art liner rehabilitates pipe quickly and easily using a trenchless installation process. Installed through the manhole, this product creates a structural, tight fit, resin-based liner inside of the host pipe. CIPP prevents infiltration and exfiltration, and restores structural integrity.
    • Glass-Reinforced Pipe (GRP) relining uses a thermosetting, resin-impregnated flexible tube that is inverted and cured with hot water or steam. This exclusive technology fully integrates the unique properties of traditional felt liners with fiberglass strength, providing the strongest, most robust liner on the market.
  • Segmental point/spot repair solutions
    • Mechanical point repair solutions, including stainless-steel and PVC repair sleeve options, provide an economical method for repairing localized problems without replacing or relining the entire pipe or excavating the area around it.
    • Our no-dig CIPP segmental patch repair systems provide a structural repair by lining only areas that require repairs without digging the existing pipeline or lining the entire pipeline.

SSES Field Services

Tri-State Utilities offers Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) field services to both engineering firms and municipalities that relate to inflow and infiltration (I & I) source identification. Tri-State Utilities employs an in-house Professional Engineer (P.E.) who can evaluate collected data and work closely with customers to help ensure rehabilitation projects are designed to meet budget and system requirements.

SSES Field Services Methods and Data Collection Technologies

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) sewer inspections utilizing powerful data acquisition and management software technology to capture and store pipe data related to size, flow, direction, location and faults
  • High-performance cleaning of sanitary and storm sewers uses high-pressure water to scour the pipes and then powerful vacuum to remove the debris and is performed with minimal disruption to traffic and the environment
  • Manhole inspections utilizing high-resolution, zoom, pole cameras linked to NASSCO/MACP-compliant data management software
  • Smoke testing, utilizing the Hurco liquid smoke blower, which eliminates the use of potentially toxic traditional smoke bombs
  • Dye testing, with fluorescent environmentally safe dyes, to establish flow streams and uncover cross connections and system leaks
  • Flow studies and night flow isolation studies to develop baseline flow characteristics and determine sources of I/I during weather events

Area of Service

Tri-State Utilities serves the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.

Tri-State Utilities specializes in trenchless utility rehabilitation

We fully assess your pipeline system, provide cutting edge technologies, methods and services, and maintain quality control from the planning stage, through wet-out, to field installation.

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