Pipe Assessment

Subsurface Pipe Condition Assessments and Data Solutions

National Underground Group goes beyond merely recording the location of underground sewer pipes. We offer a wide range of services that assist in providing a true assessment of the pipe’s condition.

Comprehensive Pipe Assessment Services

Several of our brands offer condition assessments of underground pipes via a variety of inspection technologies. Without a thorough and accurate assessment that provides quality data, successfully undertaking a major pipe infrastructure project is extremely difficult.

An assessment of pipe conditions provides insight for current and future projects, while detailed data following an inspection not only reveals the condition of every inch and angle of the pipe in question, but it also is essential for prioritizing requirements and maximizing budgets.

We provide certified National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) inspection data that allows municipalities, utility providers, pipe inspection contractors and engineering firms to produce smart preventive maintenance programs. Data also impacts risk analyses. By comparing pipe condition likelihood of failure to pipe consequence of failure, accurate data establishes pipe segment overall risk. Plus, accurate data helps ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

All pipe assessment services are performed utilizing the most advanced technology available. Through the collection of precise data, which is offered via cloud-based technology, our clients get the clearest picture and understanding of their pipe condition and health. We perform the following pipe condition assessment services:

CCTV Pipe Inspection — Our companies utilize advanced technology and equipment — self-steering robotic crawlers, all-terrain crawlers and track-mounted systems — to provide clients with computer-generated, full-color diagrams of pipe interiors. 

Panoramo 360-Degree Inspection — This system captures 100% of the entire pipe interior with precise digital clarity. Clients receive a data-embedded virtual 3D reader that allows them to view the pipe interior from any angle and perform accurate measurements. 

CCTV Lateral Launch — A CCTV camera is launched from the robotic transporter through the mainline and up the lateral, extending up to 100 feet. This service assesses all types of pipes, especially those that are too small to accommodate a human inspector.

Manhole Inspection — We offer two levels of sewer hatch inspection. A Level 1 inspection provides a basic assessment of the general condition of the manhole. A Level 2 inspection collects enough data regarding defects and overall condition to recommend remedial actions. 

LiDAR Profiling — Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) laser profiling is an advanced sewer pipe inspection technology. It quickly provides the accurate data needed for proactive repair and replacement programming of pipe with diameters ranging from 6” to 60”. 

Laser Profiling — Attached to a pipe camera, the laser profile pipe inspection tool projects a ring of laser light onto the pipe’s internal surface. As the camera moves through the pipe, the tool creates a digital profile of data concerning various internal features of the pipe.

Sonar Profiling — Sonar profiling provides visual data on pipe deformation, silt and grease accumulation, and offsets and blockages in partially and fully submerged pipes below the waterline. Conditions are recorded while the pipe is in service, providing operations data.   

GIS Integration — This service collates high-definition scans and conventional CCTV-recorded observations directly to GIS pipe mapping programs. Integrating the locations of connections, defects and pipe ratings into a GIS database saves clients thousands of work-hours.

Data Management — Only Pro-Pipe offers this service in the form of its cloud-based, specialized data collection and visualization program. Clients get a complete picture of their infrastructures via maps, inspection and repair records, and other critical pipe data.  


Data Solutions from Pro-Pipe

Record keeping is a fundamental element of any successful cross bore program or pipe management plan. Pro-Pipe On Line is a custom and secure data portal that facilitates comprehensive project management and risk mitigation. All records are maintained via cloud data management software that is accessible at any time, from any place.

A quality data management process is created by building a GIS-based library of events as cross bore programs progress. Users are able to track production, isolate inconclusive inspections for further review, and date-stamp final cleared locations. Utilizing cloud technologies that link inspection data (including videos and GPS observations) to GIS-based mapping systems results in a comprehensive, date-stamped library vetted by a highly experienced quality-control team.

Asset owners can view maps, track real-time production in the field, and run reports — all from one secure portal. And because Pro-Pipe On Line accurately prioritizes specific infrastructure assets for rehabilitation, clients maximize their budget dollars.

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