Services and Technologies for Utility Providers

Serving the Needs of Utility Pipe Owners and Operators

Whether you are in the natural gas, telecommunications or fiber optic industries, National Underground Group provides the services and technologies to help keep your underground infrastructure safe and your business successful. We understand your needs and we have the experience and skills to meet them. We are familiar with your expectations and we have the expertise and technologies to exceed them.

Our services help prevent gas explosions caused by boring through underground gas lines. We help keep utility pipes in optimal working condition through comprehensive inspections and assessments, cleanings, repairs and rehabilitation. We use advanced locating and mapping techniques to ensure the proper identification and labeling of subsurface pipes, which are critical to the start of any project. And we use the latest technologies to perform our work efficiently, cost-effectively and with as little disruption and as few risks to the community and its residents as possible.


Experienced in Working with Underground Utility Pipes

Our name says it all: National Underground Group is knowledgeable about all things underground. We are proud that we have been keeping our nation’s communities safe and healthy for more 30 years. Our professionals have decades of experience in working with energy, fiber optic and telecommunication providers and contractors, and we are certified to provide a vast range of pipe services and solutions in accordance with relevant industry regulations.

Do you need data to back up your plans? Would you like evidence that no cross bores were encountered during your project? Do you desire access to inspection, maintenance and repair data for years to come? In addition to providing state-of-the-art infrastructure services and technologies, National Underground Group provides data solutions for even your most complex project.

Underlying our work is a steadfast commitment to safety. National Underground Group extensively trains its crews in the safest methods. When you work with one of our companies, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to protecting not only our employees, but also your staff and the general population as well.