Governments / Municipalities

Public Infrastructure Maintenance and Rehab

Helping Protect and Maintain Underground Infrastructure

Underground infrastructure ages, deteriorates and breaks down, and repairs and replacements are costly. But because our communities rely on subsurface pipes every day, municipalities must find solutions to address their infrastructure challenges.

We help governments by offering cost-effective services. National Underground Group understands that totally replacing pipes that have only a single damaged section or two is simply not the best solution. That’s why we utilize trenchless technology to perform spot pipe repair or install new liners that restore the pipe’s integrity.

Our companies also offer preventive and proactive solutions, such as cleaning, assessment and maintenance services, that help extend the lifespans of subsurface pipes by keeping them in optimal condition so they operate as close as possible to full capacity. We also provide cross bore inspection and locating and mapping technologies that help prevent potentially dangerous situations that threaten residents’ lives and property.

Experienced in Working with Municipalities and Governments

National Underground Group understands your subsurface needs, and our professionals have the expertise and experience to meet those needs. In fact, our advanced technologies and extensive skill sets allow us to deliver service and solutions above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

With 30 years of experience serving governments and municipalities, National Underground Group knows the ins and outs of underground infrastructure projects. We are certified and able to meet this market’s regulatory standards, and always perform high-quality work at a fair price.