Services and Technologies for Engineering Firms

Keeping Pipe Infrastructure in Working Condition

Engineering firms help their clients keep their subsurface infrastructure in the best condition possible. Various problems, such as blockages, breaks and natural aging, are responsible for deteriorating pipe operations. Engineering firms across the country rely on National Underground Group to provide the solutions they need to help their clients solve these problems.

National Underground Group offers engineers advanced technologies to achieve their goals. From subsurface pipe locating and mapping, cleaning and assessment to trenchless rehabilitation and cross bore inspection, we provide the solutions you need to (1) keep your clients’ infrastructures in good condition and operating as close as possible to full capacity, (2) keep the water supply clean and safe, and (3) help keep residents and businesses healthy.

Our services are made possible by state-of-the-art technologies that not only get the job done correctly and quickly, but that also complete the project — no matter how complex — without causing traffic disruptions and potentially dangerous situations. We also provide the accurate, reliable data that facilitates and supports underground pipe engineering projects.

Experienced in Working with Engineering Consultants

National Underground Group has a deep understanding of subsurface infrastructure that few companies can match. We offer a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions and the expertise to perform any underground service efficiently and cost-effectively. Engineering firms trust us to help them meet the infrastructure challenges faced by their clients.

We have over 30 years of experience providing high-quality work to pipe engineers. Our expertise is valued by firms employed on small and large projects. National Underground Group understands all relevant regulatory standards related to pipe work, and we are certified and capable of performing diverse underground projects.