Cross Bore Inspection

Vital Underground Pipe Inspection Services

Intersecting utility lines, or cross bores, result from horizontal or trenchless boring through existing sewer pipes. This situation not only compromises the integrity of the lines, but it also is potentially dangerous.

The Importance of Cross Bore Inspections

Cross bores can result in gas leaks, explosions and loss of life, so inspections are key to protecting our communities. Numerous utility owners — gas, telecommunications and fiber optic companies — opt for pre- and post-construction inspections to locate existing sewer lines and to ensure that their newly bored utility lines do not intersect with sewer lines.

National Underground Group’s pipe inspection companies are committed to safety and risk mitigation. A thorough underground pipe inspection conducted using advanced technology provides utility owners with the backup data that no threat was uncovered in the inspected area before or after the boring of new or replacement lines.

Data Provides a Safety Net for Your Company

National Underground Group performs complex data management and integrations that provide our clients with easy access to their inspection data. Our inspections and data not only keep communities safe, but they also reduce the risk for utility owners and cities. Utility owners have lifetime access to their inspection data should a damaging event occur.

State-of-the-Art Cross Bore Technology

Our comprehensive cross bore inspection program:

  • Operates the latest robotic lateral launch systems from the sewer manhole through the lateral
  • Assesses all types of pipes, extending up to 100 feet to the home’s foundation
  • Utilizes cloud technologies linking inspection data to GIS-based mapping systems
  • Provides inspection details via a quality control team, creating a vetted, date-stamped library

Our experienced professionals guide our clients through their program from start to finish. We complete risk assessments and evaluate the areas that need inspection first. After the inspection, data can be viewed and analyzed by the client in a customized, easy-to-use online portal.

Leading Cross Bore Inspection Companies

Three of our member companies — Pro-Pipe, Tri-State Utilities and Pipevision — are leaders in cross bore inspection programs for utility owners, providing a comprehensive inspection and data record management process for their clients. In addition to working with utility owners on new projects, they perform many legacy inspections as well.

These companies use the latest robotic lateral launch system to examine the main, each connection and the lateral up to the structure’s foundation. This technology makes pipe inspection more accurate, safer, easier and less intrusive for crews and property owners. Our priority is to keep our communities safe and to provide our clients with high-quality solutions to their biggest challenges.

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